Leadership as inverted customer service

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On a macro level, I like to think of effective Leadership as a form of customer service. Customer service is all about providing solutions at a level the customer feels is a fair value. Leadership is really about providing solutions to employees in the form of removing obstacles and providing the tools employees need to do their job effectively.

For Example A we turn our view outward:

A customer wants to be able to watch Blu-ray movies. We sell them a high quality Blu-ray player at a fair price. The customer is able to achieve his goal of watching Blu-ray movies.

For Example B we turn our view inward:

An employee wants to be able to build a Blu-ray player to meet his quota. We provide the employee with what they need to produce Blu-ray players. This includes Blu-ray player parts and materials of course, however, it also means training and motivating the employee, as well as creating a safe and efficient workplace. It also means establishing standards and expectations for the employee, as well as his peers, and then having consistent accountability when there is failure to meet them.

This is clearly a simplistic view of the relationship, but I do feel it holds value as a unique perspective consideration.


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